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Alas, due to Covid pandemy  the program is closed for the moment !

Looking for training in Business Management?

> To broaden your knowledge in Business Management,
> To acquire the skills needed in the tourism industry and learn about the latest trends,
> To spend a semester in a dynamic learning environment, sharing activities and working on projects with French and international Bachelor’s degree students,
> To gain experience and improve your employability through an internship.

In the Rhône Valley, France, among vineyards close to the ski slopes and not far from the Mediterranean sea?

The answer...

Semester 6 of a Bachelor’s Degree in Management
For Exchange Students
Certificate in Business Management with a focus on Wine, Food & Heritage
Add-on Semester for fee-paying International Students
DU Business Management with a focus on Wine, Food & Heritage
For French students wanting to get a diploma in English

This one-semester programme is the opportunity to further your skills and knowledge in: Management, Marketing, Business Finance, Corporate Social Responsibility, Cross-cultural Communication, International Business as well as improve your French language skills.
An intensive seminar delivered in the last two weeks of the semester, in collaboration with local experts in wine, culinary and cultural tourism with allow you to gain essential skills and insight for a successful career in the tourism industry.
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Publié le  31 octobre 2017
Mis à jour le 1 juin 2022