Life in Valence

Practical information

Explore student housing options, meal plans and campus cafeterias, and transportation.

Housing, looking for accommodation

Different kinds of residences are available. You can choose between, private student residences, social housing, or accommodation through a private individual. You can have temporary accommodation when arriving, and then find your own accommodation in town, alone or sharing a flat (less expensive and more friendly), thanks to ads available on

Students residences

Résidence pour étudiants Nouvelle Vague
79 rue Youri Gagarine 07500 Guilherand-Granges
Tél + fax : 00(33)4 75 81 50 53 (de 14h à 19h) -

Résidence CAP’ETUDES Valence Briffaut  (very close to the IUT)
17-21 rue Jean Bertin 26000 VALENCE
Tél : 00(33) 4 75 81 83 83 -

1 rue Lesage 26004  VALENCE CEDEX
Tél : 00(33) 4 75 40 80 25 -

Résidence étudiants Faventines
3 rue Faventines 26000  VALENCE
Tél : 00(33)6 15 64 26 15 -

Résidence étudiante du CHARRAN
158 bis avenue de Chabeuil 26000  VALENCE
Tél : 00(33)6 18 48 27 33 -

Le Valencey – (Résidence meublée)
21 avenue de Verdun 26000  VALENCE
Tél : 00(33)4 75 60 74 46 -

A list is available on the Internet portal:

You can also get recommendations and tips from associations and student unions :
  • ESN Erasmus Students Network
    Website : - Facebook :,
    Instagram :
    Email : or
  • ALEV, an association for student’ housing provides several hundreds of contact details to rent rooms or flats 
    ALEV, 10 rue Barneron - 26000 VALENCE - Phone: 04 75 56 43 20
  • AVE (“Association Valentinoise des Etudiants”), provides housing ads on its website : or at the Maison de l’étudiant Drôme-Ardèche – Place Latour-Maubourg - 26000 Valence - Phone: 04 75 55 43 42 -
  • Le Club étudiant OSE, for student and private individual’s accomodations (among other offers: internships, jobs, photocopies)
    34 avenue du Président Hériot - 26000 VALENCE - Phone: 04 75 56 64 52
  • Association Solidarité habitats (pour la cohabitation intergénérationnelle): Ecosite du Val de Drôme Hôtel des Entreprises 26400 Eurre
    Phone: 04 75 55 34 42 - 06 31 74 48 88 - Website:
  • ADIL 26, Information agency for housing and rented accomodations in Valence: 44 rue Faventines – BP 1022 26010 Valence. Phone: 04 75 79 04 04.

Accomodation through a private individual, you can have a look at the classified ads available on:
Social Housing
  • OPHLM de Valence - FORMALOGIS: offers 54 furnished rooms.
    Phone: 04 75 43 66 53. For other studios in town: Phone : 04 75 82 54 00 - OPHLM : 10, rue Rossini - 26000 VALENCE
  • Mutualité de l’Ardèche, Résidence Nouvelle Vague: More than 120 furnished flats :
Accommodation on arrival in case of need
If your accommodation is not available when you arrive, here are tips for possible temporary addresses:
Where to eat for lunch

La Ferme”, cafétaria:
Pasta, French fries or vegetables, pizzas, salads, desserts. This University canteen is the closest to Esisar. It is located rue Barthélemy de Laffemas, pôle universitaire Briffaut. To get there: Bus lines Citea 4, 7 and 13, bus stop “Briffaut”.
Opening hours: Monday to Friday from 11:30 am to 1:30 pm.

Le Point RU”, Fast-food:
Sandwiches, salads, pasta, pizzas. Site universitaire Rabelais, Université Joseph Fourier. To get there: Bus line Cité 2, bus stop “Rabelais”.
Opening hours: Monday to Friday from 11:30 am to 1:30 pm.

Le RU”, University canteen with a self-service menu:
Starter, meat and vegetables, cheese or dessert. 6 Rue Derodon – 26000 Valence.
To get there: bus lines Cité 4 and 13, bus stop “Camille Vernet”.
Opening hours: Monday to Friday from 11:30 am to 1:30 pm.

Au coin du RU”, Fast-food:
Sandwiches, salads, pasta, pizzas. Site universitaire Latour-Maubourg, Université Stendhal. To get there: bus lines 2, 9, 12, 15, bus stop “Latour Maubourg”.
Opening hours: Monday to Friday from 11:30 am to 1:30 pm.

La brasserie Latour-Maubourg ”:
Maison de l’étudiant Drôme-Ardèche - Place Latour-Maubourg  26000 Valence.
To get there: bus lines 2, 9, 12, 15, bus stop “Latour Maubourg”.

How much cost of a meal?
3,20 € in any of the 4 restaurants above mentioned, and also different lunch menus at different costs.


Whether for a quick trip to the store or pedaling over to your home, you can rent a bike to cycle around town. Once a subscription is purchased, you can hire and return a bike at any of the 20 docking stations available across Valence and its surroundings. They are available 24/7. Visit the website to explore stations, pricing and how bike sharing in Valence works: Libélo:
The association “Roulons en Ville à Vélo” (Let’s ride around town) also makes second-hand bicycles available at discount rate:

Bus services:
Bus maps and bus times leaflets are available in all Citéa agencies and city halls of the department. One and only phone number for all Citéa agencies : 04 75 60 06 26.  Citéa agency in Valence: 11 bis boulevard d’Alsace – 26000 Valence.
Bus stop: Pôle Bus. Opening hours : Monday to Friday: from 7 am to 6:30 pm. Saturday and summer: from 8:30 am to 12:30 pm and from 1:30 pm to 6 pm.

Thanks to car-sharing, you can get around safely while meeting people, and save money. If you are interested in carpooling, find a match and contact drivers or passengers to arrange the details of the journey here:

The Valence-TGV station allows you to reach very quickly the largest towns in France. With the TGV (“Train à Grande Vitesse”), Valence is only 2h from Paris. The Jeune 18-27 railcard allows you to travel at a reduced price on the French train network: from 25 % (guaranteed) to 60% off at different times, during one year. You can order it from the following link: or get it from any French railway station’ ticket office (you must provide one passport photo and proof of identity to justify your age).
To book your train tickets, find information on train departures and arrival times and get real-time updates on train status across the network:
For regional rail travels in Rhône-Alpes, see specifally:
A discount SNCF card for youths aged 26 and under (“TER Illico Liberté Jeunes”) is also available:

Before your arrival, when your trip is booked, we would like you to inform us by mail of your date of arrival in Valence city. We also strongly recommend you to inform the Inter’Val ( student association. They will do their best to meet you at the station and drive you to your residence on arrival. They will also tell you where all the shops and amenities are and everything worth knowing on your arrival to ensure you have a good stay.
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